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Mother’s Day is just around the corner again (Sunday, May 10, 2009). Have you found a gift yet?

In this era of gangsters and thugs – where its cool to be bad, it’s very hard for young men to show any affection to their mothers. Pop culture has poisoned our minds into thinking that showing any form of affection makes a man weak. If a boy shows love to his mother, he’s a mama’s boy. If a dude treats his girlfriend well, he’s whipped. I believe Tupac said it best that most men try so hard to act like thugs or hardcore that they forget to show affection to the people they care about most. Where did the idea came from that to be a man, you can’t have a heart?

Take this day to show you mother you do care. I know this day is just another day created by multi-billion dollar corporations to add to their riches. But your mother gave you 9 months of her life… the least you can do is giver her this day. Here is a list of the Top 5 Mother’s Day Gifts I created last year, it is still the same…

Home SPA Products
After getting home from a long day at work most mothers come home to another job in itself at home. Get her a nice home SPA set that she can use after those long days so she can relax in the comfort of her own home.

The key to every woman’s heart is usually a diamond. Believe or not, your mother IS a woman and enjoys being spoiled by jewelry as well.

You can never go wrong with perfume. Chances are the bottle in her room is getting low. Scribble down the name and grab a fresh new bottle for her.

Message & SPA Treatment
A SPA treatment is the perfect get-away for your mother. I would recommend teaming up with a cousin and getting one for your mother and aunt. Let them go together and enjoy a great day away from the stress at home.

Can’t afford anything above? Then flowers and a simple hug can do wonders. Superstore and other places purposly over stock on flowers during mother’s day, so you shouldn’t have any problem at all finding them.

Eat out at a Fancy Restaurant
If you do decide to head to a restaurant, expect to wait a very long time if don’t have a reservation. Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days for restaurants so make sure you have a reservation if possible. If you’re just reading this now, then you are probably too late – but it’s worth a shot!

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