For all the non-gamers out there. E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is a huge gaming expo where game developers/companies make major announcements. How does this relate to Winnipeg? Non at all – but it’ll give you an idea of some great Christmas presents for the gamer in your life :)

This year, Microsoft was up first and completely stole all the spotlight with some amazing announcements. I’m sure Sony is pissing their pants right now…

E3 Microsoft Highlights:
* Virtual Child Named Milo
* Xbox 360 Motion Controller with Project Natal
* Metal Gear Solid: Rising on the Xbox 360
* Halo: Reach
* Forza 3
* Left 4 Dead 2
* Final Fantasy XIII
* 2 Modern Warfare 2 360 Exclusive Maps
* Facebook and Twitter App on the Xbox 360

It’s not over yet! Sony is schedule to do their conference later this week – and I’m sure they wont disappoint either.