Watching some TV shows on networks that don’t produce those series can sometimes be frustrating. I guess to fill random airtime, channels will buy a few seasons of a show just to run every night then loop around to the first season when they run out. Anyone who remembers when Teletoon only had those first few seasons of Family Guy knows how tired you get of the same episodes all the time. Or for that matter when SuperStation used to play The Goonies all the time (I think I could actually recite that entire movie, complete with truffle shuffle and Sloth impersonation).

Regardless one show I won’t get tired of is Entourage and I noticed tonight that they just started airing the third season again. I’m arguably the biggest advocate of Entourage you will meet and got all my friends hooked. If you’ve ever had someone say “lets hug it out bitch” and thought “wow that was uncalled for” you should probably be exposed to the show if for no other reason than to avoid further mis-communication. Season 6 will start July 12th so use MMM’s repetitive airing of old ep’s to your advantage by catching up on the series.

Image Entourage Originally uploaded by Legendary Classic