McFarlane Toys, one of the worlds biggest action figure companies, will be releasing a limited 1996 Shane Doan action figure in his blue Winnipeg Jets jersey. There will only be 1,996 units produced to commemorate the last year of the Jets organization when it was moved to Phoenix.

This is not the first time McFarlane has released a rare Winnipeg Jets figure. In 2003, they released thirteen Teemu Selanne super chase figures of him in his Winnipeg Jets jersey #13 (photoed on the right). One of those thirteen recently sold for $25,000!

What is a chase/variant? When McFarlane releases sports figures, they mass produce them with a certain jersey, example Sidney Crosby in a white home Penguins jersey. McFarlane also release a limited amount of figures with alternate jerseys, example Sidney Crosby in a black away Penguins jersey. These are often limited and increase in value.

I am a huge McFarlane Toys fan and am very excited about this. These Shane Doan figures are definitely going to be a collectible and great memorabilia for the Winnipeg Jets. Go Winnipeg! Go Jets! Go Moose!

Keep your eyes open at your local toy stores for NHL Series 23 with Shane Doan in a blue Winnipeg Jets jersey. Be sure to let us know if you get one of these very rare figures!


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