This past weekend I went up to Birds Hill with some friends to enjoy a little camping. It was hard to enjoy anything while getting rained on literally the entire time but at least it forced us to enjoy all the games you can play inside a tent. One of which is Six Degrees of Seperation. We were playing co-star style. An example would be Shia Lebeouf to Edward Norton: Shia Lebeouf was in Transformers with John Turturro, who was in The Good Shepard with Matt Damon, who was in Rounders with Edward Norton. I’d like to do a little weekly competition based on this game, so try to fill in this sequence:

Jim Carrey – _____-_____-_____- Jason Statham

If you can do it using less than three actors to bridge them, bonus points. To quote every high school math teacher ever, please show your work by saying which movies the actors co-starred in. The prize is the most important gift of all… the laughter of a child.

Image Jim Statham Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg