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In celebration of the big day tomorrow when Transformers fans around the world can rejoice in perfect harmony, we are posting the Top 5 reasons why the Transformers 2 movie was awesome. Don’t forget, many theatres around Winnipeg are also doing midnight shows tonight.

Our great friends at Paramount Pictures invited us to an advanced screening of the movie last night. Here is why we think its awesome. We did our best not to spoil anything, but if you prefer to be surprised then do not read on.

Winnipeg theatre showtimes are also after the jump.

5. Literally Action Packed
Take the action that was in the first Transformers, inject some steroids into it, then multiply it by 5… only then will you even come close to the amount of action in this movie! The movie was 2 Hours and 24-minutes, I believe 2 Hours of it was explosions and fight scenes. I found myself having to look away at times just so my brain can catch up to everything that was happening on the screen. Michael Bay and explosions were definitely meant to be together.

4. Swine Flu and Obama
The movie did a very good job keeping up with current events. It was as if the movie was made yesterday. The President was Barack Obama and not some made up stereotypical President you always see in movies. However he was never actually made a cameo in the movie, press conferences just made some flashes on the TV. Swine Flu also made a special appearance. I wonder if Transformers are immune to H1N1?

3. Sam + College = More Hot Girls
As teased in the trailers, Sam goes to College this year in search of a normal life. I still don’t understand why he would want a normal life when he has Megan Fox and Transforms in his command. While in College, Sam meets numerous women trying to steal him away. Does Megan Fox lay the smack down on these women? You’ll have to watch to find out!

2. Transformers + Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Forest Fight Scene = Epic
This fight scene was slightly teased in the trailers. It takes place in a large forest with tall redwood (I think) trees. It reminded me of the famous Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon fight scene. It was truly amazing to watch and easily the second best part of the movie.

1. Megan Fox Slow Motion Running Every 10-minutes
So if the Forest Fight Scene was the second best part of the movie… what could be the first? Well none other than Megan Fox who seemed to constant run in slow motion every 10-minutes of the movie. Slow motion Megan Fox in a Tank Top = Academy Award for best supporting actress.

Transformers 2 in Theatres June 24, 2009
Empire Theatres Grant Park: Tue: 11:59 Wed: 11:45AM 3:10 6:45 10:15
Towne 8 Cinemas: Wed: 6:40 9:40
Silver City St. Vital: Tue: 12:01AM Wed: 11:30AM 12:00 3:00 3:30 6:30 7:00 10:00 10:30
Silver City Polo Park: Tue: 12:01AM Wed: 11:30AM 11:50AM 12:25 3:00 3:25 3:55 6:30 7:00 7:30 10:10 10:40 11:00