At first I thought there was a catch. A $25 MasterCard gift card in exchange for a couple labels from a box or bottle of iced tea?

There HAD to be a catch.

But no. At first, I picked up the 12-pack of cans at Walmart. Three of Nestea Zero and five more, a mix of 3 different Vitao flavours. This set me back $5.97 per case plus 24 cents enviro levy and taxes. I think all 8 came to a couple pennies under $50. I need 4 boxes per card so here I’m breaking even money-wise and getting a whole lot (96 cans) of iced tea in the process.

I then thought, there has to be a better way to do this and after checking out the other products that count, I saw I only needed to buy 12 of the 473ml glass bottles. Now, aside from Subway and other restaurants, where can I get these. Subway has them for $1.99 which is fine. $1.99 multiplied by the 12 bottles is still under $25 (aside from taxes) but I’m not “making” as much money as I should be.

Where could I get a bottle for less? Half as much perhaps. For a dollar?

That’s right … DOLLARAMA!!!

My brother and I hit up the Dollarama downtown by the MTS centre, then by Polo Park. After 35 bottles, those 2 stores were out.

This morning (to kill some more time) I headed over to the one by Confusion Corner then to Bishop Grandin.

I now have 36 bottles good for three $25 MC gift cards and 8 boxes (96 cans) good for another two.

That’s $125 of MasterCard gift cards. There’s a limit of 3 per household but that’s where the work address comes in.

For those keeping score, I’ve spent $49.77 on the cans, $39.20 on the 35 bottles bought at Dollarama and $2.23 on the one bottle with my meal at Subway (you’d be surprised how hungry you get by carrying all these cases and bottles).

Grand total is $91.20 cost. With the $125 I’m getting back from Nestea, I’m “making” $33.80.

Nestea  0  –  Trevor  1

Oh, and Dollarama restocks daily. This promo is on until August 31st or until the specially marked products are sold out. I’m done with my greedy act for the week so I won’t be hitting up any more Dollaramas.

Oh, and for those that think I just wasted my time with this, it was almost like a scavenger hunt. A game. And I won.

Check out the link below and download the redemption form.

Nestea Promo

Image Nestea Promo Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg