Winnipeger Meaghan DeWarrenne-Waller has made it down to the final 3 on the TV show Canada’s Next Top Model. She will be competing against Nikita Kiceluk and Linsay Willier for the crown.

The Cycle 3 finale airs tonight at 7pm on CTV.

1. How does it feel to make it into the Final 3?

Absolutely amazing. I’m so grateful to still be here.

2. What has been the best part of the whole experience for you?

In all honesty, working with the people we’ve had a chance to work with and doing some of the things we’ve had a chance to do, the places we’ve gotten to go and see and experience, and obviously, the girls. Meeting everyone has been absolutely awesome.

3. What has been your favourite piece of clothing or pair of shoes you’ve worn in the competition?

I really enjoyed the ladder shoot when I was wearing the D&G, very structured, outfit with huge shoulders. It was outrageous.

4. What was your favourite photo shoot and which photo of yours did you like the best?

I really enjoyed The Bahamas because we got to bask in the sun all day. I mean the dresses were gorgeous and we got to splash in the water. And I also really liked our beauty shots when our mouths were duct taped. I think the hair was very whimsical, the makeup, it was all very magical. My favourite photo I’d have to say was also the beauty shoot. It wasn’t the judges’ favourite but I really love it. I love the hair, I love the makeup. They said it could be in French Vogue, which made me feel great.

5. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened throughout the competition?

When we were on the MTV After Show set with Dan and Jessi and were being asked mock interview questions and Maryam didn’t quite get that they were fake questions. They asked her about a sex tape and she was like, ‘Whaaat? No, not me.’ It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

6. If you could work with any model in the world who would it be?

Lily Donaldson. I think she’s absolutely amazing.

7. What’s the most exciting part of being a model for you?

The day to day lifestyle. We’re always on the go, always something new. It’s never a dull moment.

8. Why do you think you would make a good Canada’s Next Top Model?

I’m down to earth. I’m grounded, humble, grateful to be here, and I’m just a real person. I’m not going to be fake. I think people need to look up to a real person. I’m also fun and goofy. It’s ok to be nerdy and lanky and awkward sometimes and then whip it out and be fabulous another day.

9. What do you think you need to do to win?

I need to step up my game. At the CoverGirl photo shoot I was in the Bottom 2. I just have to make sure my confidence doesn’t slip away so stay confident but at the same time, keep a level head.

10. Who do you think is your biggest competitor?

I think Linsay. She’s been a bit of an underdog. She was in the Bottom 2 for 90 per cent of the competition and the last couple of weeks she’s just whipped it out and she’s fierce.

Good luck Meaghan! All of Winnipeg is cheering for you!!