Two party buses and a limo were taken off the road last night for failing to pass inspections. I expected this to be more of an issue at the start of the summer when police had a massive crackdown on party buses that saw over a dozen safety and liquor infraction fines handed out. Personally I’m on the side of the bus operators and I think the whole thing reeks of shakedown on the part of police and MLCC.

Last night’s inspections saw two open liquor fines handed for 1,200$ each, imagine how much they minted in fines for that first round of busts. But drinking has always been the entire purpose of these buses and for years I don’t recall hearing about any efforts made to enforce the liquor laws on them. If police and MLCC were really out to insure a minimum standard of safety on the buses wouldn’t working with the proprietors be more effective than spontaneous crackdowns every couple months? We can all agree that buses should have working breaks and exits or whatever else constitutes a full safety inspection. But when it comes to the liquor these laws need to be changed.  Everyone is doing it and its so hard to find a morally objectionably issue to pick at, please tell me what is wrong/dangerous about drinking on a party bus?   At this point I think its fair for us to ask whether everyone is breaking the law or the law itself is broken.

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