TMZ has obtained the first image of Marge Simpson on the cover of Playboy magazine. This marks the first time a cartoon character has been featured.

She doesn’t look too bad for someone with 3 kids :) Along with being the cover girl, Marge will also have a 3-page spread. However, she will not bare all, there will only be implied nudity.

Playboy is featuring Marge to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary. They also hope to attract more readers in their 20’s to purchase the magazine, whose current average reader age is 35. The best part? Playboy CEO’s name is Scott Flanders!

Looks like I have to pick up this issue to do more research. The November issue of Playboy hits newsstands on October 16.

Thanks for the tip Aidz.

Image marge Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg