Starting on Monday, November 16th until November 27th, McDonald’s will be giving away FREE COFFEE (probably small but I’ve never had them tell me ‘NO’ when I ask for a large) during ‘Breakfast Hours’ or anytime breakfast is served (again, can’t see them being too fussy on this seeing as how I’m sure they’re just trying to capitalize on the LLLOONNNGGG lineups outside of every Timmy’s in the city.

Now that the deal is out of the way, Ronald … you and I need to have a talk. I love your new coffee. I enjoy the prices compared to your competitors. I really like that for an extra 25cents or so I can get a muffin (which would cost a bit more at the other guys).

Here’s the problem. Your new cups, although striking and very pleasing to the eye, suck. They leak. Sometimes I don’t even have to tilt the cup sideways for it to spill, rather just drive around. Next thing I know, my cupholders are full of 2 milks, 1 sugar and a whole helluva lotta coffee.

Please fix this soon otherwise I may need to start going back to one of the other guys. KthanxBye!

Image McDFreeCoffee Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg