For those who missed the Santa Clause Parade today (started around 5:30PM), here are some pictures I was able to take before my fingers froze (my mom wasn’t around to tell me “it doesn’t look cold now but it will be after standing outside for 2 hours”. However, in my defense, my camera battery died shortly after Santa came so this is all I could get anyways.

This year’s theme was “100 for 100” which was supposed to be 100 floats for the 100th Santa Clause Parade. You would have though that after 100 years of practice, they’d realize a “float” isn’t just a car driving down Portage (that’s called Cruise Night) and Santa should’ve had the same float he did last year (the one you saw in the Free Press with all of the lights instead of the dirty, old, plain, boring one).

Key sera.

Sorry for some of the blurry pictures, I’m still getting a hand of my new camera … and night mode apparently likes to focus on ANYTHING BUT what I want it to… ENJOY!!!


Image SantaClauseParade Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg