NBA legend Allen Iverson recently announced his retirement from the NBA after years of being push around from team to team. If you haven’t been following the NBA, then here is the back story for you:

Iverson is a legend that has gone old. He still believes he can play – but other teams don’t think he has it anymore. He started this season with the Memphis Grizzlies but was unhappy with his bench role. Iverson wanted more – but no NBA team would give it to him… So he announced his retirement and left the NBA.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, the 76ers (which was the team where Iverson built his legendary NBA career) lose their starting point guard and lose 9-straight games. So the 76ers made the retired Iverson an offer that he could not resist… the very emotional press conference is above (Note all the cameras starting to flash as soon as Iverson tears up)

Iverson plays his first game with the 76ers tonight against one of his former teams, the Denver Nuggets. This should be an AMAZING game to watch. If there is ANY game that is more important to Iverson’s career it will be this one. I highly recommend you watch it, NBA fan or not.