James Cameron’s new movie Avatar, which is supposed to be a IMAX 3D spectacle, will not be playing at IMAX Winnipeg on December 19, 2009 as advertised.

I can’t explain my continuing frustrations with our only Winnipeg IMAX. They never get shows on time… it took them over 2 months to finally get The Dark Knight onto the screen, and by that time I’ve already seen it twice in theatres. Seriously IMAX, do you really expect people to wait that long for movies? They constantly claim that it’s circumstances beyond our control – but obviously there is something they are not doing right to have companies continuously pull out on release dates.

The only real option right now is to watch it at a regular theatre that will be offering select shows in 3D. But from my experience, 3D is best watched at the IMAX. I’ve seen 3D shows at both IMAX and Silver City and it is incomparable. To fully enjoy a 3D experience, you need to see it on the IMAX screen.

If you’re planning on watching this movie, please do yourself a favour and do NOT watch it in non-3D form. This movie was made for 3D and it won’t be as amazing with out it. I guarantee that the Silver City 3D experience also wont be as amazing as the IMAX 3D experience. So if you can wait, I promise it will be worth it.

The official statement from IMAX Winnipeg:
Due to circumstances beyond our control we will not be playing this film on December 19 as advertised. Please sign up for our e-news to find out more information on release dates.

IMAX Winnipeg is currently playing Disney’s A Christmas Carol from December 15, 2009 – January 03, 2010.

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