So the deal is that with each kmph over the limit, you will be charged $7.70. They’re moving from a fixed range rating to this new one in hopes that people will just slow down. These changes come into effect after the new year.

Speeding   Current ticket amount*   New amount (Jan. 1, 2010) 
10-12 km/h over the speed limit $164.00 $177.50 – $202.75
13-15 km/h over $190.80 $216 – $241.25
16-19 km/h over $220.50 $253.50 – $292
20-34 km/h over $278.00 $304.25 – $482.50
35-49 km/h over $448.50 $494.75 – $673
50-99 km/h over $619.00  $685.25 – $1,303.25
100-120 km/h over $1,187.00 Determined in court
More than 120 km/h over Determined in court Determined in court

If they were trying to just stop people from speeding, why not hike them up to $100 for every kmph over? It feels like the idea is to let people know they should only speed a little bit over, but not too much. The only people who would be against something like this are the ones who speed on a regular basis… which is what the system is trying to eliminate. Of course, that’s totally just a random opinion.

Stay safe this holiday season!


Image Porsche driver getting a speeding ticket Originally uploaded by Richard Faulder