The Health Sciences Centre raised more than 3 million dollars and here are the winners:

* Richard Nitchie of La Salle won the grand prize HSC Lifestyles Lottery. The 1.26 million dollar grand prize included a new house, a Mercedes-Benz and 10 thousand dollars cash.

* Edward and Velna Matias of Winnipeg won a new cottage, a boat and 5 thousand dollars.

* Clint Baran and Lila Swan of Winnipeg won a new Audi and 10 thousand dollars.

Congratulations to the winners. I am oozing of jealousy right now!!

A full list of 4,250 winners will be published by the HSC on Wednesday December 9, 2009 on their website.

On a related note, make sure enter our Portage Place Cash Cube contest… there are TONS of great prizes… and best of all, it’s free!


Image Mercedes-Benz SLK 320 Originally uploaded by Fabio Aro