Top Rank promoter (for Manny Pacquiao) Bob Arum says ‘The fight is off’. The super fight, which was expected to beat the pay-per-view record of 2.44 million buys set by Mayweather vs De La Hoya, will no longer go through since both camps could not come to an agreement on drug testing.

The Nevada Gaming Commission, which will handle the fight, only requires random urine testing to be performed. But Mayweather also demanded random blood testing on suspicions that Pacquiao is using Performance Enhancing Drugs. Paquiao did agree to blood testing, but only on 3 occasions: one during the kick off press conference (which was supposed to be next week), one no later than 30 days before the fight, and one immediately after the fight in his locker room.

But Mayweather would not budge and continued to demand unlimited random blood testing. After long mediation earlier this week, the Pacquiao camp and Mayweather camp came up with a contract that would allow 3 blood tests. The second blood test would come no later than 24 days before the fight – which is a week better than the proposal statement. Pacquiao signed off on the agreement but Mayweather still wanted unlimited random blood testing.

The Paquiao camp has had enough and no longer want to pursue the fight. They have also filled a US law suit against Mayweather for defamation. Top Rank is now looking to match Pacquiao against Yuri Foreman on March 13 or March 20 for a title in a record 8th division.

Both Pacquiao and Mayweather need to wake up! The fight is expected to gross over $200-million which would give them $40-million a piece! It doesn’t matter how rich both boxers are, $40-million is a lot of money that they are throwing away. There has been NO fight in boxing that has been more anticipated than this one, and with UFC on the horizon, I don’t think boxing can afford to not make this happen.

Everyone knows I’m a Pacquiao fan… but PACQUIAO: STOP being a little GIRL and accept the damn random blood testing already! What do you have to hide? Even if it does make you weaker for the fight, Mayweather will be taking the SAME blood tests!

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  • Mayweather is scared and doesn't want the fight. (54%)
  • Pacquiao should accept the blood test terms, what does he have to hide? (24%)
  • This is all a marketing scheme, and the fight will still happen. (22%)
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