… Is me. I’ve taken time off from the glamorous life of an Access Winnipeg editor to grind away on the Winnipeg stand up comedy circuit. Last week all the years (months) of hard work bore some small growths one might call fruit: I won the Rumor’s Funniest Person With a Day Job competition. Here’s the video from my set that night. (Mild language disclaimer:I do drop some F bombs)


There you have it. Anyone who lol’d at the preceding clip can see me this Thursday at the Standard Tavern on Sherbrooke, it’ll be my first night hosting a show but I’ll still be doing about 10 minutes of material throughout the night. Entry I believe is 5$. Also on the last Tuesday of every month I do the Kings Head’s stand up comedy night, Shits and Giggles, part of their weekly Tuesday comedy series, The Free Laughs Comedy Series. Appropriately priced at FREE.