Today is Super Bowl Sunday and for those who aren’t football fans, two opposing football teams play during some wicked commercials and before/after a great concert.

For those who are, there’s no need to remind you that today is possibly the largest day in sports each year. Super Bowl XLIV is today pitting the Indianapolis Colts against the New Orleans Saints. Kickoff is at 5:30 Central but be sure to tune in early to catch Carrie Underwood (*drool*) sing the National Anthem.

OK, so there’s a big game … WHERE CAN I WATCH IT???

Well, that depends. If you want to catch all of the American commercials that cost far too much to broadcast during the game, you’re going to want to get somewhere like the Joey lounge, Boston Pizza (if you buy a large pizza you get an order of Cactus Skins free!), Smitty’s, Silver Heights, etc.

If you want to catch the local commercials (which are most likely the same commercials you’d see during the Grey Cup) then you can just watch the game at home or a friend’s house. However, the plus side to this is you get to check out the Bud Light commercial starring Winnipeg’s own “The Afterbeat”.

So, who will it be? I’m betting on the Saints, 37-27.

Super Bowl XLIV

Image SuperBowl Trophys Originally uploaded by Thadkrgr