I absolutely loved this documentary on Reggie Miller at his prime. It reminded me of how amazing the NBA once was. The slogan of the NBA is Where Amazing Happens… but it should really be Where Amazing Happened. It is now a league where every small confrontation will lead to a suspension and a five-figure fine. Rivalries between two teams no longer exist becuase players aren’t aloud to talk trash. You are suspend one game for simply standing from the side lines when a fight happens. Though I agree these are great safety measures… it has removed the passion, competition, and excitement from the NBA that will probably never return. It breaks my heart to know that the NBA will never be what it once was when Reggie Miller single handedly beat the New York Knick.

On a related note, the NHL is also planning on implementing a head shot rule which of course makes a lot of sense. But the one thing I’d like to plea to the NHL… don’t let the implementation of strict rules take away from the passion of the game. The NBA is no where close to what it was 10 years ago, lets hope the NHL doesn’t follow the same path. If you ever want to watch real basketball, then tune in to the NCAA tournament that is winding down.