I’m happy to say all my friends had great shows last night at the Gas Station. Weird to see people I’m used to being very relaxed getting nervous because its such a big show for them. It is sort of considered a “top prize” to get picked to be in any of these shows if you’re a local act, and regardless of what you’ve done before it you’re going to get a little humbled.

I really enjoyed Ryan Mcmahon’s blog post about what his day was like. Typically I’ll see Ryan onstage at least once a month for his part of the Free Laughs Comedy Series at the Kingshead. It is reassuring to see that no matter how much success you have with material there’s still a natural comedic instinct to second guess the hell out of yourself. I was worried it was just me.

Also chatted with Aaron Merke, very classy guy who’s going to be up again a Best of the Fest show.

Have to miss the gala tonight but pretty interested in Aaron Berg’s one man show, hopefully I’ll be able to see it and catch an interview after.