Got to check out Aaron Berg’s one man show, “Underbelly Diaries Redux” last night at the Gas Station. The show is basically a hilarious tell-all look at his time body building and being a male stripper, both involved a lot of drug use, putting in time and the gym, and remarkable/unbelievable situations. Afterwards got to chat with Aaron a bit about how cathartic it was to come out the other end of these exploits free (mostly) of scarring repercussions and how, with his zen like attitude, he converted the stories into fodder for stand up and now his one man show.

This was a great night because I also hosted my first open mic night now happening weekly at the Standard. So not only was I coming off that high but then I got to take in Aaron’s show and actually talk to him as oppose to just going through an interview hoping for a funny sound bite. I’m still getting the hang of doing decent interviews, haven’t had the mic outright commandeered like my first interview with Trevor Boris so we’ll call that progress. Anyway the point is that Aaron Berg is a funny/smart individual and you can still catch him at the Saturday Night Gala along with a bunch of other big name performers.

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