Get those summer cars ready, spring cleaning is here! Due to the above average temperatures we’ve been having, the city has started spring cleaning of streets and sidewalks a bit early this year. Minor cleaning has already begun for some areas but city-wide cleaning activities will begin on Sunday, April 11, 2010.

The city also mentioned that they used a lot less salt and sand this year due to the amazing winter weather we had. This means that spring cleaning should take less time than usual.

In the mean time, motorists are asked to drive cautiously as the cleaning trucks do their jobs. Make sure to keep your distance, the last thing you want is flying dust scratching up your car from the dusters.

Keeping up with the environmental friendly trend: for the first time this year the city will be storing sand they remove from our streets and reusing them for next winter’s ice control program.


Image Street cleaner Originally uploaded by mcwetboy