I’ll be doing a bit of a Comedy Fest Debriefing tonight as part of my regular Thursday night show at the Standard Tavern on Sherbrooke. Other comics on appearing who are now vets of the backstage scene will include:

-Dan Huen, my good friend who was backstage host all week for the Gas Station Theater and got to experience all the glamor of getting comedians beers.

-Paul Rabliauskis, as camera guy he was in a privileged position to see how unprepared I was when it came to interviews.

I’m not sure what their highlights of the fest were, but mine included:

Interviewing Steve Patterson, who aside from standup has found success with his show The Debaters on CBC radio. Patterson is ridiculously sharp so its no wonder that the The Debaters, his mix of “fact vs funny” is a hit and going to the taping at the MTC warehouse was my favorite part of the fest. The Debaters show was also where I got to talk to Charlie Demers a talented funny man who I hadn’t seen before the fest.

A highlight I had that didn’t involve interviews was meeting Gilson Lubin. Really naturally funny guy who actually came out to the local open mic on Sunday at the Cavern which was really cool.

There are many more highlights, including getting to talk to Jon Dore, Trevor Boris and many more. The footage from the whole fest will be up next week or you can check out The Standard tonight at 8:30.

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