Did you just buy an XBOX 360 when it was on sale for $129.99 last week?

If so, then you are probably stuck with an Arcade Edition that has little to no memory in the unit. If you ever wanted to download some XBOX Live Games you would have to purchase an extremely over priced official Microsoft XBOX 360 Hard Drive.

But thats no longer the case. Today, Microsoft released a new dashboard update that will allow your 360 to accept any USB Flash Drive as a storage device. The Flash Drive will act like a Memory Card (remember those?). You can download all your XBOX Live Games on to the drive. You can also save your game progress and gamer tag on there and simply plug it into your friends 360 to continue where you left off and play with your own profile.

This is a long time coming for many XBOX fans! When making your purchase, remember that 16GB is the limit for a USB storage drive on the XBOX 360.


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