Every Winnipeg NHL fans fantasies came one step closer to a reality when Ice Edge, the group that was supposed to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes, backed out of the deal.

Now, all eyes are on the city of Glendale who will have a council meeting tonight to determine the fate of the Phoenix Coyotes. The NHL wants to keep the team in Phoenix and will propose a deal to keep them there. But with Phoenix and the city of Glendale in so much debt with the Coyotes, it is very well possible that they decline any offers the NHL makes them.

And when Phoenix finally lets go of the Coyotes… white smoke may fill the city of Winnipeg, and Jets may fly again.

It’s still a long shot, but you got to be in it to win it… and we’re definitely in it right now. With all the publicity this has been getting, investors and the NHL would be crazy not to bring the Coyotes/Jets back to a city whose hunger for the NHL has exponentially multiplied over the past few weeks. I’m not even an NHL fan, but I still want this for our city as much as everyone else does.

Watch the Glendale city council meeting live at 9:00pm tonight here.

Click here to view the meetings agenda.

A few things to note:
Though all our expectations are high, we still have to keep an eye on reality. Just because Glendale city council votes “no” tonight (which is a 30/70 chance right now), it doesn’t necessarily guarantee the team moves to Winnipeg (or moves at all!). If the team is to move, there would have to be an investor/purchaser in Winnipeg… so far, no one has really stepped up and stated that they are willing to purchase the team (True North seems like the best/only candidate right now with Asper busy with the new stadium)


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