The Red River Ex is just around the corner! Here are some tips to beat some of those impossible carnival games. My personal favourite is the Birthday Game since it has huge prizes and involves no skill :)

Shoot out the Star:
In this skill game you need to completely remove the red star using a BB gun. Very hard to beat, even for a good marksman. The trick is to shoot around the star, rather than trying to shoot out the star itself.

Complete the circle and the centre of the paper will fall away taking the red star with it. Also note that the barrels are often bent, and their marks not accurate. Within the first few shots it’s important to gauge just how far off the mark the gun shoots and adjust your aim accordingly.

Basketball Free-Throw:
You have a lot going against you in this game. The ball is over-inflated, the hoop is smaller than regulation size and often an oval shape rather than circular. The backboard is plywood making it extra bouncy. So forget about throwing a normal free-throw shot.

The key is to use a high arc. Do not try to rebound the shot off the backboard — the ball will always bounce too much. To win this game you must make a perfect swish, no backboard.

Milk Bottle Throw:
The bottles used in this carnival game are often made with leaded glasses making them very heavy.

The secret to winning the milk bottle throw is to aim at the base of the bottom two containers rather then at the intersection of all three bottles.

Got any techniques you want to share? Tell us in the comments!

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All the Red River Ex fun starts June 18 and is town till June 27, 2010.


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