Nintendo made the announcement of the 3DS months ago… but today they have finally revealed it to the public at E3.

• The Nintendo 3DS is black and blue
• As promised, this is a glasses-free 3D device
• Two cameras on the outside of the device for 3D picture taking
• 3D depth slider on the side of the device
• Round numb analog stick called the “Slide Pad”
• Bottom screen is a touch panel
• Below the touch screen are Select, Home and Start buttons
• Underneath the A, B, X, Y buttons is the handheld’s power button
• Motion sensor and gyroscope
• Compatible with Nintendo DSi
• A camera facing the player above the portable’s 3D screen
• The ability to play 3D Hollywood movies, like Legends of the Guardians from Warner Brothers
• The 3DS launch game will be Kid Icarus: Uprising
• It is a powerful system, featuring improved graphics
• The 3DS periodically searchs for WiFi spots and other 3DSs
• Easy online navigation
• No monthly fee for Nintendo’s 3DS online access
• Nintendo is developing 3D Nintendogs
• More than twenty companies have signed on to develop for the 3DS
• The top screen is 3.5 inches
• Release date is TBA

The graphics are comparable to a WII. Looks like its time to sell my DSi.

Image phpqsqbbmimg_0087-w1000 Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg