It has been rumoured for weeks, but 2K Sports has just confirmed that the great one, Michael Jordan, will be on the cover of their next video game NBA 2K11.

The last time Jordan was on a cover of a video game was in 2002 for NBA Street Vol. 2. When asked how Jordan would be portrayed in the game, 2K Sports simply replied with “some really good surprises”.

This is huge news. Michael Jordan hasn’t been a playable character on any video games since his retirement from the Wizards, not even as a legend character. After retiring Jordan had opted out of the NBA Player’s Association so he can license his name. Since then, no company was ever able to afford to put Jordan into their game. Bravo 2KSports. Either 2KSports offered a LOT of money, or Jordan needed another house mansion to his collection.

I can’t wait!! RIP NBA Live.

UPDATE: EA Sports has renamed NBA Live 11 to NBA Elite 11, pretty much accepting its defeat.

NBA 2K11 comes out October 5, 2010.


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