This is just a head’s up.

This afternoon I was at Safeway (Pembina and McGillivary). As I got out of my car, I was approached by a well-dressed man in his 30s. He was very well dressed and was driving a black Ford Explorer (2004-ish model). License plate was EXX 189.

I had watched this guy driving around the parking lot so I wanted to see what he had to say so I cut in front of him and ‘stole’ his parking spot. Granted I put myself in this position (I’m 6’5) otherwise I would strongly advise against this.

He goes on to say he works for Georgio Armani and that he just did a show last night. He now wants to fly back but he can’t bring these 3 jackets with him as the duty is too much. They aren’t real Armani jackets just looking at the quality.

Anyways, he’s basically looking for about $250 to pay the fees that West Jet is trying to charge him because of pushing his flight back.

So yeah, it’s a scam. The funny part was he says his English is broken but he spoke English very fluently. The other funny part was the cops talking to him (oh yeah, did I mention I called the cops on him?)

Who knows if this will keep happening.

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