Special thanks to Paramount Pictures for inviting us and a few lucky Access Winnipeg readers to the advanced screening of Step Up 3D last night. Though the movie had a predictable story line, it very well lived up the word 3D in it’s title. Hand’s down the best 3D effects I’ve ever seen… yes, better than Avatar!

You’ll notice that there is no 2D version of this movie. This is becuase the movie is all about the 3D effects and is not meant to be seen in a 2D version (ie. Don’t bittorrent this movie, it’s not worth it)

Here is my mini review:
– Acting = it’s on and off. The good dancers were weak actors, and the good actors were weak dancers
– Story Line = very cheesy and predictable. But if you’re into that stuff then you’ll probably be crying by the end of the movie. It’s tons of fun, but only if you’re willing to accept the fact that the dancing and 3D are the main focus of the movie, not the story line/acting.
– Soundtrack = great music. Worth the purchase
– Dancing = amazing. Great choreography and well place videography. A lot of moves are fresh and things that you probably haven’t seen yet. Something from all dance genres. Waltz, tap, hiphop, etc etc. My favourite scene has to be the Moose + Camille dance scene
– Rick Malambri = the girls will love him
– Sharni Vinson = hot!!
– Adam G. Sevani = why isn’t this dude a household name yet? He’s an amazing dancer and a great actor.
– 3D = the greatest 3D effects movie out there right now. If you thought Avatar’s 3D was great… wait till you see this movie

– 3D Junkies: Even if you may not be a dance fan, this movie is STILL for you. It does 3D perfect. If you ever wanted to see the amazing things a 3D movie can achieve, then don’t hesitate to watch this movie
– Winnipeg Dance Crews: I expect ALL of you to watch this movie. It will simply blow your mind away

Step Up 3D hits theatres Friday, August 6, 2010.

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