Students heading to the University of Winnipeg this year now have another option to obtain required text books.

Some of the most expensive parts of an education are text books. Unfortunately, we have not reached the era yet where text books are digital (costs less, saves trees, easier to carry, etc etc)

The University of Winnipeg Bookstore has started a rental program for text books. Renting text books can save a student up to 50% on their text book costs, but selection is very limited and you must be at least 18 years old to rent.

The University of Winnipeg is the first post secondary school in Western Canada to offer text book rentals.

However, the program won’t be for everyone. Some students will require their text books long after they graduate, in which case the books should be purchased.

As for me, I haven’t opened my text books for years, and probably never will again. This program would have been a HUGE cost saver for me… and it would have also made the Student Loans that I’m still paying off a bit lower :)


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