Shaw has unleashed a 1 Gigabit download speed in Canada!!

This service launched in select Vancouver neighbourhoods in June – and Pinebrook, a suburb west of Calgary, will be the latest area to try out the 1 Gigabit Internet service FREE for six months in September!

Test neighbourhoods have the advantage of “future proofing” as they receive the best technology has to offer with Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) and will be able to support new, cutting-edge Internet applications that will require faster download speeds – compliments of Shaw.

Some interesting facts about Shaw’s 1 Gigabit Internet service:

  • 10x faster than Nitro
  • Trial in Vancouver is now live – Calgary and Edmonton to follow in September
  • The service is FREE for the duration of the trials

    Image "Going nowhere fast" Originally uploaded by Nathan Eal Photography