Today’s group deal is an amazing one! $99 for a 2,000 foot ultralight Hang Glider SkyRide Experience and Photo Package from Adventure at Altitude. If you are an adventurous person, then this is as adventurous as you’ll get in Winnipeg!

The $99 WagJag voucher entitles you to an airborne adventure at 2,000 feet in an motorized Ultralight Hang Glider. Your experience starts with a few minutes of ground training, so that once you are up in the air you can even take over of the aircraft yourself!

You can also tell your instructor whether you prefer an easy-going, gentle flight or something more thrilling, with aerobatics such as wing overs, spins, weightless stalls and dives – better than any roller coaster!

The motor can even be shut off so you can experience the freedom of gliding silently though the air. In case your friends don’t believe you, you’re also getting photographic evidence of your bravery. Choose the best photo of your mastery of the air from multiple images taken during the flight and receive it as an 8X10 image.


Image Ben Hang Gliding Originally uploaded by DoNotLick