Sick of these group buying websites yet? I’m not either! First and Groupon, now WagJag! Rumour has it that Google is coming out with their own after failing to buy Groupon for 6-billion.

These group buying websites offer amazing deals at various Winnipeg retailers, but ONLY if a certain amount of people purchase it. Example of the current WagJag deal: You can purchase a $25 gift card to Hu’s Asian Bistro for only $5… BUT only if 10 total people purchase it. If the limit of 10 isn’t reached, then you get a full refund and the deal isn’t activated.

I’m currently signed up with, Groupon, and now WagJag. I’ve got some amazing deals and I hope you will as well.

They also offer bonuses for referring your friends.

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Image Buy More Stuff Group shot, Black Friday 2009 Originally uploaded by Michael Holden