Police are starting to crack down on cyclists riding on sidewalks. This morning, police ticketed about 10 cyclists and they will continue to do so. The tickets are $111.00.

This may make cyclists angry, but it’s the law. Cyclists must follow the same rules vehicles do and be on the road flowing with traffic (and please, not against traffic!)

Though it seems unreasonable, it only makes sense. If every cyclist was permitted to be on sidewalks, then there would be no room to actually walk on sidewalks. I can’t recall how many times I’ve been walking on a sidewalk and all of the sudden a biker would zoom by from behind nearly clipping my arm.

The city has been adding more and more bike lanes to our city streets, and hopefully we see more this summer. Until then, please stay on the roads to avoid a $111 ticket.


Image Sidewalk bike lane Originally uploaded by anabananasplit