A fellow Winnipegger by the name of Earl Cabuhat sent this video in response to our The Most Romantic Thing I’ve Ever Seen post. Earl specializes in motion graphics and you’ve probably seen some his work out there (you just don’t know it).

The video was created for his wife on their 2nd anniversary. The technique is called kinetic typography. Poem by Shihan as performed on Def Poetry Jam.

[quote]This is technically my first attempt in kinetic typography. I’ve been working on it off and on for the past year or so only because I have no time for personal work, so I just touch on it whenever I can. I initially chose this piece because I’m a fan of the artist and enjoyed this particular poem. This was and still is something I just wanted to do for myself. Roughly half way through, I decided to complete the piece as a nice gift to my wife on our 2nd year anniversary. Although, I didn’t finish it in time :S, I still hope you all enjoy it as I enjoyed making it.[endquote]

Awesome video Earl! Winnipeg Husbands, time to step your game up!