Everyone’s favourite restaurant promotion is back! McDonald’s Monopoly has returned and game pieces will be attached to various food items until November 5, 2011.

Here is a list of rare game pieces for the 2011 game, and the prizes attached to them. Make sure to bookmark this page and constantly check the list when you’re at McDonald’s (rare piece is in BOLD)

[quote]* Mediterranean Avenue (#321) and Baltic Avenue (#322) (10,000 Prizes): $50 cash. Mediterranean Avenue is the rare Monopoly game piece. The odds of finding the rare game piece are 1 in 61,811.

* Oriental Avenue (#323), Vermont Avenue (#324), Connecticut Avenue (#325) (3,000 Prizes): $100 cash. Vermont Avenue is the rare piece. The odds of finding rare Vermont Ave are 1 in 206,036.

* St. Charles Place (#326), States Avenue (#327), Virginia Avenue (#328) (250 Prizes): $200 SpaWish gift card. Virginia Avenue is rare. The odds of finding rare Virginia Ave are 1 in 2,472,425.

* St. James Place (#329), Tennessee Avenue (#330), New York Avenue (#331) (300 Prizes): A Beaches Resorts Luxury Included Family Vacation worth $7,500. Tennessee Avenue is rare. The odds of finding the rare game piece for this property are 1 in 2,060,354.

* Kentucky Avenue (#332), Indiana Avenue (#333), Illinois Avenue (#334) (8 Prizes): $50,000 cash. Kentucky Avenue is rare. The odds of finding rare Kentucky Ave are 1 in 77,263,275.

* Reading Railroad (#343), Pennsylvania Railroad (#344), B&O Railroad (#345), Short Line (#346) (8 Prizes): An EA Sports fan trip worth $7,000. Short Line is rare. The odds of finding the rare Short Line piece are 1 in 77,263,275.

* Atlantic Avenue (#335), Ventnor Avenue (#336), Marvin Gardens (#337) (6 Prizes): $100,000 cash. Ventnor Avenue is rare. Finding rare Ventnor Ave has odds of 1 in 103,017,700.

* Pacific Avenue (#338), N. Carolina Avenue (#339), Pennsylvania Avenue (#340) (2 Prizes): An SL MY 12 Nissan LEAF w/charger and home installation worth $40,000. Pennsylvania Avenue is the rare Monopoly piece. Odds of finding Pennsylvania Ave and winning the car are 1 in 309,053,100.

* Park Place (#341), Boardwalk (#342) (1 Prize): $1,000,000 payable as an annuity. Boardwalk is the rare game piece. Winning the million-dollar prize by finding the rare Boardwalk place are 1 in 618,106,200. [endquote]

Good luck everyone! McDonald’s Monopoly is on until November 5, 2011.