The Tassimo single serve coffee brewer was a pretty ‘hot’ gift this Christmas. But Health Canada has issued a voluntary recall on certain brewers.

The plastic disc that holds the coffee or tea can burst and spray hot liquid and coffee grounds or tea leaves onto consumers using the brewer and onto bystanders, posing a burn hazard.

There is no need for you to return your brewer. Click here to see if your brewer is on the recall list. If you have a brewer that is included in this voluntary recall, they will send you a free replacement T DISC holder that has been designed to help prevent the discharge of hot liquid, coffee grounds or tea leaves from the machine. Consumers should refrain from using their brewer until the new T DISC holder has been installed.

Espresso T-Disc’s have also been recalled. If you’re having a hard time find beverages with Espresso T-Disc’s in them (Cappuccino, Latte, etc etc), you’ll have to wait for a new shipment. All retailers have been ordered to clear their shelves and return to manufacturer. [TASSIMO]