Top 10 Foods at the Red River Ex
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The Red River Ex happens once a year for just under 2 weeks. During this time, it is pretty much routine that everyone come to the Ex at least once. There are tons of things to do at the Ex which include playing games for prizes, going on rides, and much more. While doing that, people tend to get hungry, but don’t worry the Ex has tons of food to try that you can’t get anywhere else in Winnipeg. Sometimes it can be tough to decide what to eat, which is why we have tried some of the food there and have provided a count down of the top 10 foods at the Red River Ex.

This was really tough to decide, and alot of food to eat, so I had 2 other friends to help out. So thanks to Ron and Mark for taking pictures, helping with the logo, and also eating the food, while it was pouring rain outside. We decided to try the food and rank them on our own. I then averaged the rankings to determine the Top 10. So here goes…

Beverages: Original and Cherry Lemonade

The drinks that we had to wash down all the food was lemonade. There were plenty of lemonade stands at the ex. This was probably the best and most fresh lemonade I have ever had. It had the perfect blend of sweetness and lemon flavour that quenched my thirst perfectly. They even stick a whole lemon inside to provide an authentic lemon flavour as well as provide amazing presentation.

The lemonade can be found all across the Ex.

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10. Bison Ribs

UPDATE: Unfortunately the Bison Ribs aren’t available at The Ex this year.

The ribs were seasoned well, and was very juicy. They had BBQ sauce available so I tried to add some all around the rib but had a tough time due to the pouring rain. As you can see on the pic, I didn’t do a very good job. I also added fresh cut onions around the rib as a side. The meat was tender, and juicy, and every bite I would add some onions into my mouth, it wasn’t a pretty sight. After eating, BBQ sauce was smothered around my face and my friends didn’t tell me until after I ordered a couple of other meals…

Onions were free!

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9. Pizza on a stick

Being a pizza lover, I had to try the pizza on a stick. One of the benefits of having pizza on a stick, is being able to move easily and walk while eating the pizza. The dough was wrapped around the stick with some toppings on the outside, and it was delicious. It was even better once you reach the middle which had the perfect blend of toppings, sauce, and melted cheese. I was surprised how moist and warm the core was as the dough wasn’t as hot which made it easier to dig right into it.

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8. Double Cheeseburger

I decided to try a double cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato and it was also amazing. They also provide you with condiments, as well as onions to add to your burger. I decided to try it without any. The first bite I took surprised me as it looked like normal patties. The patties were very very juicy, even without your normal ketchup and mustard condiments. It was definitely different then the burgers that I would get at a fast food restaurant, which is probably because they were bison burgers. I ended up finishing the burger…

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7. Boneless Chicken Wings

The boneless chicken wings came in a variety of different sauces. From salt & pepper, seasoned, lemon pepper, plain, sweet & sour, teriyaki, honey garlic, barbecue, mild, hot, and if your brave, crazy hot. We decided to go with the safe honey garlic flavour instead of the crazy hot, just so we would be able to taste the other food.

Every piece was fresh and piping hot. Sauce was smothered all over the wings that provided a flavourful experience. The chicken was also delicious and looked to be all white “meat” which was kept juicy all the way to the last bite.

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6. Deep Fried Oreo

We had to include the deep fried oreo in the top 10. These oreos were exactly how they are named. They are a deep fried oreo covered with powdered sugar. We all know what oreos taste like, but if you have it deep fried, it makes oreos from the store taste plain. The deep fried oreo tasted like putting donut batter around an oreo and deep frying it. It was delicious.

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5. Mini Donuts

What is there to say about mini donuts? If you have never had these donuts, you should at least try them this year at the ex. Its tough to describe these donuts, but all I can say is that everybody I know loves them. They are sweet tiny donuts with enough sugar to make your sweet tooth happy. Soft, moist and fresh made right in front of you.

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4. Perogies, Cabbage Rolls, and Kielbasa

This was one of my favorite meals as it provided a variety of different foods in one plate.

The perogies were topped with glazed onions, bacon bits, green onions and sour cream while the cabbage rolls were smothered with sauce and was filled with rice that went great with the kielbasa.

If you don’t know what kielbasa is, it is a very juicy grilled sausage, which you can also have in a bun

I had one of the perogies and they were very tender which also had some crisp into it. It was filled with what tasted like seasoned potatoes. I then started with the cabbage rolls and was surprised to find rice in it, as I barely eat those. I then mixed some kielbasa with the cabbage roll and it was awesome!

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3. Millennium Chips (Saratoga Chips) with Bacon and Cheese

You can order millennium chips without the bacon or the cheese, but we decided to go all out. Watching them make it was entertaining. They had a machine that carved them to a swirly-chip shape, then they were deep fried. After its been cooked, cheese is smothered all over the chips, and bacon is scattered all over the place. The chips were tender and crispy chip-cut swirls that have the perfect amount of crunch to make you not want to stop eating. We tried to pace ourselves, as this was one of the foods that we started with, we also tried to stop eating them to make room for the other foods, but we kept coming back for more. The melted cheese and bacon was the perfect topping on the chips.

We were surprised at the portion that they gave us. They pack the chips in a container to the point that it would be difficult to eat and walk at the same time.

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2. Frozen Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake

I’m not a big fan of chocolate, but am a huge cheesecake fan. As soon as I tried this, I couldn’t stop eating.

They made it by getting a slice of cheesecake and dipping it in chocolate until it is fully covered, similar to a dipped cone at Dairy Queen. My friend was taking pics, and I couldn’t wait till he was done so that I could bite into it. As soon as I bit into it, the perfect blend of chocolate and cheesecake in my mouth was the best. I felt so bad for one of my friends who couldn’t have it due to allergy issues. The cheesecake was cold and perfect for a hot summer day, and soft enough to bite right into. It’s just too bad we didn’t get the hot summer day while we were there.

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1. Corndog

Yes, the number 1 pick is the corndog. The corndog is probably one of the most known food that is at the ex. The corndog I had was made fresh and hand dipped in the butter right in front of my eyes. You can buy corndogs at your local grocery store, but nothing even compares to the corn dog at the ex.

As soon as I bit into the corndog, there was a crunch, followed by a nice soft and juicy center.

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There were plenty of other foods at the ex that I wish I tried, but I don’t think we would have be able to handle any more. Let me know in the comments what other foods I should try, as I plan on going to the ex a couple more times in the coming weeks!