Future Shop: $20 OFF The New iPad
Image The new iPad – Uploaded by genpi215

Those familiar with Apple products know that they never go on sale. So even though $20 off The New iPad doesn’t sound like much – it’s actually a pretty good deal!

Until July 12, 2012, purchase The New iPad at Future Shop and receive $20 off. Valid on all models and colours. Apple really knows how to take money out of your pocket by release new versions of the iPad every year. To save money, I stick to my ‘upgrade every 2nd year’ rule. So being a iPad1 owner, it was definitely time to upgrade. If you’re currently open a iPad2 owner, I’d hold off for the iPad4. A new version of the iPad should be announced early 2013, and the iPad2 has plenty of juice to hold up until then. [FUTURE SHOP]