Winnipeg Outdoor Pool Hours Extended
Image Pool Splash – Uploaded by Lori L. Stalteri

After announcing extended Spray Pad hours, the city will also extend hours at certain outdoor pools to ensure availability in as many areas of the city as possible during hot and humid weather.

“By extending operating hours at outdoor swimming pools, the City of Winnipeg is able to offer residents another option for staying cool during this extremely hot weather,” said Mayor Sam Katz. “Increased accessibility to our outdoor pools and spray pads plays an important role in keeping our citizens comfortable and safe.”

The following outdoor swimming pools are now open until 8pm daily until further notice:

* Freight House – 200 Isabel Street
* Provencher – 590, Rue Langevin
* St. Vital – 5, Rue Des Meurons
* Westdale – 550 Dale Boulevard
* Transcona Centennial – 1101 Wabasha Street
* Lions – 969 Dowker Avenue
* Kildonan Park – 2015 Main Street

The city is also taking action to help Winnipeggers wherever possible:

* Transit is running its air-conditioned buses on the longest routes, to ensure the comfort of as many passengers as possible
* Staff in City offices are encouraged to refill citizens’ personal water bottles as needed
* A temporary water trailer will be placed downtown near the Main Street Project and Salvation Army Booth Centre by 4:00 p.m. today, to ensure vulnerable persons have a place to refill their personal bottles or containers with safe drinking water, especially during times when other facilities may be closed
* Members of the public are being welcomed to spend time in public facilities like libraries and recreational facilities, to help cool off

The heat is great… but please stay safe Winnipeg!