Deseo Bistro

Hello Winnipeg, we are Mr. and Mrs. Restaurant. We’re passionate about food, but not about cooking. After growing tired of everyday chain restaurants, we began our search for the best hidden eateries the city has to offer. Ever wonder if that trendy new place is worth the money; or if that greasy burger joint lives up to all the hype? Just ask Mr. and Mrs. Restaurant!

Deseo Bistro

[flickr style=”border:none; padding:4px; border:1px solid #BDBDBD; float:right; margin-left:5px;”]photo:8088881634[/flickr]Deseo Bistro opened a few years ago, in the glassed-in front section of the Royal Albert. This restaurant has self-proclaimed humble beginnings, with the two young owners Alejandro and Scott starting their big dream with a small budget. Some years later, and with a new location on Osborne, Deseo continues to offer handmade, healthy and fresh menu items.

Deseo operates out of a two-story building beside the Park Theatre, and their cozy, dimly light dining rooms lend to a romantic and comfortable atmosphere. Each floor is decorated similarly, and the personal touches seen throughout make it easy to tell that this place is operated and loved by its owners. Unique original art pieces, made by Winnipeg artists line the walls and are definitely something to look at!

Deseo’s menu is short, but packed full of culinary delights. Every dish is dreamt up and handmade by their chef and likely includes a sauce or side that you may not have heard of before. If you’re looking to try something unique and masterful, Deseo is a good place for it. We will caution you that portion sizes are on the smaller side, but with the addition of a shared salad to your meals, you will not leave hungry. A must-try salad would be the Crunch Salad, and with celery, jicama, pistachios, peanuts and crispy onions, it definitely lives up to its name. For their Caesar Salad, Deseo takes a unique approach by serving a whole romaine heart, grilled, and then topped with an adobo and anchovy dressing.

[flickr style=”border:none; padding:4px; border:1px solid #BDBDBD; float:right; margin-left:5px;”]photo:8088880909[/flickr]Some of their main dishes include Braised Beef Short Ribs, Chilean Trout, Rack of Lamb and Spanish Mac n Cheese. We decided to go with the Crunch Salad to start and the Grilled Skirt Steak and Smashed Potatoes for our main. The salads are large and meant for sharing. The steak is thinly sliced, grilled medium and served with salsa verde and onions atop a bed of whole “smashed” potatoes. The steak is tender and juicy, providing that it is not overcooked. The skin of the potatoes is left on, and adds a welcome salty crunch.

Our meals at Deseo were fantastic, but they were not cheap. The menu offers good value in the sense that each meal is hand-crafted with quality ingredients and great care from their chef, but that is what you’re paying for, not big portions. For a similar bill price, you can easily make a trip to The Keg, or somewhere like it, but if you’re looking for some unique and culinary creations for your next night out, try Deseo.

Deseo Bistro
696 Osborne St.
(204) 452-2561