Top 5 Worst Halloween Costumes
Image Top Tuesdays – Uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

This is a repost of our Top 5 Worst Halloween Costumes we wrote last year. Keeping up with this months Halloween theme we’ve decided to compile a list of the Top 5 worst, or played out costumes. Don’t be offended if you had plans on using any of these – but it’s simply a plead to encourage creativity this Halloween season. With places such as Party Stuff, Walmart, and almost every other store in Winnipeg selling affordable (and not so affordable) costumes, you shouldn’t’ have a problem contributing to the fun that Halloween parties have to offer.

5. What You Were Wearing Last Year
Chances are, the people you partied with last year will be the same people you party with this year. And if they’re not, the photos from last years Halloween Bash is probably on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – so change it up!

4. Guys Dressing as Girls and Girls Dressing as Guys
It’s not really a big shock any more to see a guy dressed up as Britney Spears or Marlyn Monroe. So change it up this year and keep your balls/boobs on ;)

3. Playboy Bunny
Your lingerie + bunny ears or a cop hat is NOT a costume! :) The dudes of Winnipeg are going to hate us for this one… but don’t get us wrong, we’re not discouraging it, just simply pointing out that it does NOT count as a costume! This includes Playboy bunnies, a burlesque dancer, and who would have ever though that female devils wear red bras and thongs?

2. Clark Kent
We’ve all been guilty of this one, but there’s always a hundred different variants of Clark Kent’s at costume parties. I think its safe to say that this one is played out. You can get more creative than a Superman shirt, geeky glasses, and your old business suit!

1. Sports Jerseys
This continues to be the WORST costume ever. Wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey DOES NOT make you Kobe Bryant. Wearing your high school/college football uniform does NOT count as a costume – it just spreads a weird aroma around the room since you probably threw it on last minute and haven’t washed it from last practice. So, this is the ABSOLUTE worst – a NFL, NBA, NHL, FIFA jersey is NOT a costume!

Please feel free to share some of the horrible costumes you’ve come across in the past in our comments section. Halloween is only a few weeks away! Trick or Treat!!