Image Rock of Ages – Uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

We had a chance to see Rock of Ages during its stop in Winnipeg this week. Those accustomed to the classic bright lights and melodic music that would normally accompany a Broadway musical will be pleasantly surprised on how Rock of Ages has put a new twist to the genre.

The musical, which features songs from Styx, Journey, Bon Jovi, and other classic rock bands from the 80s, provides a fun and laid back atmosphere. The narrator and stage band constantly breaks the “fourth wall” (imaginary wall between the performers and audience) by encouraging cheers and roars just as if you were at a rock concert.

Musically, it has something for everyone. Rock fan or not, the classic tunes will definitely be something that you’ve heard before. Mid-show, the genre moves from the ‘hard rock’ category to more melodic tunes to accompany the love story between our two protagonists.

If you’re looking for something unique – then step away from the average movie/concert/dinner date night and see a musical that will literally rock your evening. [TICKETMASTER]