7-Eleven: 69 Cents Medium Slurpee This Weekend

It’ll be time to flex our Slurpee Capital of the World muscles this weekend when 7-Eleven offers medium Slurpees for only 69 cents from May 24 – 27, 2013.

Slurpee Fun Facts:

* Early prototypes for the Slurpee machine made use of an automobile air conditioning unit.
* Bob Stanford, a 7-Eleven agency director, coined the term “Slurpee” in 1967.
* When Slurpee first hit the market, it wasn’t self-serve. The machine was behind the counter and the clerk served the product to you.
* Slurpee drinks are carbonated.
* Sugar is the anti-freezing agent in most Slurpee drinks.
* Half of all Slurpee drinks are purchased between the hours of 4 and 11 p.m.
* In 2004, 7-Eleven created an edible Slurpee straw.
* More than 40% of all Slurpee drinks are sold during the months of June, July and August.
* Only one private individual owns a bona fide Slurpee machine. The rest are in 7-Eleven.
* Slurpee was “invented” when some sodas were put in a freezer to cool them down — and they became all slushy.
* Winnipeg, Canada is generally thought to be the Slurpee capital of the world, due to their amazing Slurpee fanaticism.
* At Slurpee, we call it a BrainFreeze. The scientific name for it is Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia. Really.
* Slurpee Day is July 11th.
* American Slurpee is injected with air. Canadian Slurpee is not.
* Pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth is a known cure for brainfreeze.
* In 1998, Slurpee Lip Balm hit the market.
* Every year enough Slurpee drinks are sold to fill up 12 Olympic-sized swimming pools.