Xtreme Tactics Groupon Deal
Image Airsoft 12th July – Uploaded by motti82

Groupon is offering a pretty sweet Xtreme Tactics deal for anyone looking to get some airsoft action. Think of it as real life Call of Duty.

2 Options available:

  • $15 for $30 worth of airsoft equipment rental and game time for one
  • $30 for $60 worth of airsoft equipment rental and game time for two, plus two magazine refills per person (a $68 value)

Xtreme Tactics:
Panels of drywall form an intricate labyrinth of walls and rooms inside Xtreme Tactics’ 14,000-square-foot airsoft arena. Opposing teams softly tread through the warren, taking cover behind walls and shooting their foes through windows. Their weapons of choice are full-scale replicas of real firearms, whose plastic BBs help sideline adversaries and move teams closer to completing tactical, war-like scenarios. As real as the battles get, not all matches are grounded in reality—in the past, the arena has played host to games based on terrifying fantasies, such as the zombie apocalypse or Keebler elves going on strike. Helmets, masks, and tactical vests protect players during games, and when the final blow has been served, they can restock on guns and equipment from Xtreme Tactics’ massive pro-shop. [GROUPON]