Quit-Smoking Contest by The Lung Association Manitoba
Image manitoba-quits – Uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

The Lung Association Manitoba is sponsoring a Quit-Smoking contest open to all residents of Manitoba. The contest launches on January 20, 2014 during the National Non Smoking Week.

Five prizes of $1000 are up for grabs by contestants who remain smoke-free for the entire month of March (the contest period)

Here are details of the 2013 winners that are a true inspiration for other Manitobans trying to quit.

Meaghan Allen, 27, is from Selkirk and has been smoke-free for 2 1/2 months. She had quit once before for 18 months butlike many people, started again. She found motivation in the Allen Carr quit smoking book and highly recommends his approach and his relapse advise. Her quit buddy was her husband James Hoard who also quit smoking. Both are happy to be smoke-free especially because they have a lovely six month old baby.

Michael Matczuk, 37, is from Winnipeg. He was motivated to quit smoking when he realized that his health was not as good as it could be. Before quitting he started taking yoga classes and it was during these classes that he decided he needed to try and quit smoking. His dad, Serge Matczuk, was his quit buddy and was a good example since he had quit smoking (cigars) a few months earlier.

Cheryl Reid, 24, from Thompson quit smoking two days before the May 1 quit date. She and her quit buddy, husband Peter Lennon, are expecting a baby and that was motivation for both of them.

Chris Hurl, 32, of Winnipeg was motivated to become smoke-free because of the prospect of becoming a first-time dad. He and his wife, Shaylene Hurl, who was his quit buddy as well, are expecting their baby any day now and both are excited about giving their child a smoke-free home with non-smoking parents.

Kevin Mazur, 41, of Oakbank has been smoke-free since just before the May 1 quit date and is very pleased to be one of the winners since he has his fiancee/quit buddy, Jodi Storozinski, will be getting married in August – the prize makes a nice wedding gift for the couple.