Winnipeg Transit 'Bendy' Buses Now in Service
Image image – Uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

Winnipeg Transit’s articulated (or ‘bendy’) buses have hit the streets. The buses will improve service to the public by helping to avoid pass-ups and overcrowding.

Winnipeg Transit has purchased 20 pre-owned, 60-foot articulated buses from New Flyer Industries at less than 10 per cent of their new cost of $625,000. The negotiated purchase price was $53,000 (plus PST) per vehicle – someone at Winnipeg Transit has very good negotiating skills.

An articulated bus is pretty much two buses connected together with an accordion-like joint. They can carry over 40 per cent more passengers than a regular bus; most Winnipeg Transit buses seat 38 people while articulated buses seat 54.

Two of the 20 buses are now in service with more rolling out in the coming weeks.