City Installing Waterproof Gel on Traffic Signals
Image Untitled – Uploaded by VaDOT

Noticed a lot of flashing red or amber traffic signals lately? The city looked into it and they found an unusual increase in flashing traffic signals during heavy rain, snow storms and fast temperature increases in winter. The main reason was excessive moisture around electrical components inside the traffic signal poles during those wet weather conditions.

Later this year, the city will begin installing waterproof gel covers on all 645 signalized intersections (between 6,000 – 7,000 poles) to prevent malfunctions during wet weather conditions. The total cost to install this product across the city will be about $550,000.

A friendly reminder to all motorists: Treat a flashing amber as a YIELD. Treat a flashing red as a STOP sign. Treat an intersection where the lights are off as a 4 WAY STOP.